Claire Reanard Portrait de Christine Buri-HerscherClaire Renard, compositrice 

Trained at the thought of Pierre Schaeffer (graduated CSNSM / Paris 1973) - is also the author of musical performances, exhibitions sonoreset music performances played in France and abroad (Festivals: Band on Stage / France, Ars Musica / Belgium, Taormina / Italy, itinerant Festival Mediaterra, Kunst in Bewegung / Austria, Ateneum / The Finnish National Gallery / Finland, Fournos Art Center & New Technologies / Athens, etc ...). Price Villa Medicis Hors les Murs / Italy (1990 and 2002) and the Fondation Beaumarchais (1990), she received the state orders and different organizations.

The voice is at the center of his work is sung - as in his first play close the valley created by the Percussions de Strasbourg, the Treffort Percussion and Chorus Contemporary Resonance (1986), The Air Dance (1988) or May 11 (1993) - works for chorus and instruments - For Octave (1988), or A burst of her laughter (1989) - works for voices and small instrumental group - Col Canto, lyrical drama (Creation Theatre St. Quentin-en -Yvelines, 1995), "It never ceases to die of this says" room for 3 choirs a cappella (1997), "Take me," for voice and piano / bandoneon (creation Barge Opera, 1998 ) - until more recently Orimita, lyric tragedy (creation Opera Reims, 2013); is spoken, as in music memories, composition / exhibition created to   Makasiinit / Helsinki / Finland / 2000) or "I need" for tape voice (creation Festival Kunst in Bewegung / Austria 2001) or "Time Room" installation created as part of the Biennale Musiques en Scène at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon (2006).

Claire RenardIt also explores mixed universe instrumental in combining instruments of different traditions to Western tradition of shakuhachi instruments in Col Canto (Saint Quentin en Yvelines Theatre, 1995) and The Muse in his garden (Ile-de Festival France, 2003), Cretan lyre, duduk, kanun in Orimita (Opéra de Reims 1993) - or visual - baroque instruments, band and light in summer Short (Théâtre de la Bastille / Paris / 1994), and light in the band Musical memories, wandering space for Muse in his garden, design and video in Time Room (2006), while combining its artists and directors work.
Claire RenardIt seeks to renew the listening modes by providing innovative forms.  It creates "Allo Music" at the Centre Pompidou (1991) and "The share of hearing" at the Theatre of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (1995). Come then, with the support of the European Commission / Raphael Programme (1997), the first composition / Muistan exposure (creation Ateneum / The Finnish National Gallery / Helsinki (1999) and then the second, Music briefs (créationMakasiinit / Helsinki 2000) which brings together in a band on musical triptych thousands of voice and sound fragments taken from 3 cities in Europe and the installation of Time Room (2006).
The recent creation confirms the Claire Renard>attention, since his first playThe close valley where choirs and instrumentalists around the business, the door to the concept of space and the conditions of perception, inextricably linking of the same composition - whether voice, instrumental or tape - and how the room is given to the public to perceive, each new piece developing a particular issue (silence for Short Summer, relationship intimacy / externality for Music briefs, contrast between musical minimalism and large diffusion space for I need, ...).
Claire RrenardThese proposals are the fruit of thoughts that leads to the relationship between the composer and the city, and for which he is resident composer in specific places: Theatre of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (1994/1996), town of Epinal (1998) Region National Conservatory of Grenoble (1999), the Muse circuit (1999), Theatre Athénor / Saint-Nazaire (2000). European Meeting (2001) = Art = Objective1 Objective1, Austria, Villa Gamberaia (2002), Parc and Grande Halle de la Villette (2003/04), Sally and Don Lucas Artists Residency Programs / Montalvo Arts Center / USA (2005), GRAME / National Musical Creation Centre (2005/06), La Muse en Circuit / CNCM Césaré and / CNCM (2012-2013).
Cours de piano Claire RenardMeanwhile, she is reflecting on the role of creativity in musical learning in different structures (GRM (1973-1977, MEL-Metz (1978 to 1981), IRCAM (1983), Centre Pompidou (1983-1991) and forms this approach adults (Centre Pompidou, Conservatories, CFMI, Universities, Cultural Centres abroad ...). She has published on this subject  Music gestureand Time Space (ed. Van de Velde). 
It also works with theater, video, design, dance and film (Catherine Dasté, Gustavo Frigerio, Emilia Aussel, Esa Vesmanen Stephanie Aubin, Jacques Kébadian, Bernard Germain ...)

Some creations:

 musical counterpoint and light at the Théâtre de la Bastille / Paris, with a plastic creation Adalberto Mecarelli 1994. 
The share of hearing, sound exposure at the Théâtre de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, 1995. 
Col Canto, chamber opera created by the Ensemble Ars Nova Theatre in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, dir.  Philippe Nahon, set. sc. Gustavo Frigerio, 1995 and tour in 1996. 
The ear time and Sounds smugglers, musical and sound event in the city, created in Epinal / France in November 1998 
Muistan, composition / exposure to the Ateneum creation / The Finnish National Gallery / Helsinki / Finland, scenography: Esa Vesmanen 1999 
The votes of the walls, sound and music event for the 30th anniversary of the CNR of Grenoble, in 1999 
Music briefs, composition / exposure Makasiinit / Helsinki, Fournos Art Center & News Technologies / Athens, Cordoaria Nacional / Lisbon and Chapel Franciscan / Theatre Athénor / Saint Nazaire, itinerant Festival Mediaterra (Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Germany) 2000 / 2002 
I need, tape voices to play: Creation Festival Kunst in Bewegung / ORF / Austria / 2001, then toured Europe. 
The folds of the sky, creating Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, dir.D.Kawka, the Music Festival / Marseille / 2003 
The Muse in his garden, concert-show with the Ensemble Ars Nova, dir: Ph. Nahon / Control of the State, Festival d'Ile de France / 2003 
The breath of time, creating 100 Festival Top Bottom / Grande Halle de la Villette / 2004. 
Time Chamber, creating Biennale Musiques en Scène at Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon / 2006 
Orimita Opera creation of Reims / 2013 with Delphine Rudasigwa, actress, Marie-George Monet, mezzo-soprano Emmanuelle Guigues, viola da gamba, Stelios Petrakis, Cretan lyre.  Set sc. Gustavo Frigerio, Emilia Aussel video.
Drawings Christine Buri-Herscher and Antonio Baudrocco Benoît Renard Photos and Photo archive